West Cork

The Best Corner of Ireland

I have been exceedingly negligent in not providing more content about the part of Ireland that we lived in for nearly seven years, West Cork.  Perhaps now I can redeeem myself with this video.  For me it brings back countless wonderful memories.  For you it can be foreshadowing of the most memorable tour of Ireland.  West Cork has the most varied scenery in the smallest area of Ireland.



When in Greece I often said that anyone who visits Greece and doesn't see the Parthenon is committing a crime against humanity.  In Ireland I say that anyone who doesn't tour West Cork has missed the best part of Ireland.  Look at these two photo albums and you will say the same.      West Cork Part One    West Cork Part Two

These are from the good folks at Roaringwater Journal.  For an insider's guide to history and character of West Cork I recommend you subscribe to their blog.  They are very diligent at posting regularly.   :)

To experience the best ever village in Ireland--based upon my experience--visit BALLYDEHOB


Ballydehob store front

To read a few short anecdotes about our life as shopkeepers in a small West Cork village start at our Expat page.

Beautiful Christmas photos taken years after our departure



Ballydehob resident, Tom Vaughn, was a pioneer in drone photography.  See his Facebook page for many great examples.  This is my favourite . . .


Know before you go.  Read all about it.  Books


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